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All You Need To Know About Decorating

An event that is not decorated with colours, DIY décor and other ‘party decorations’ is definitely going to be branded as the most boring event of the season. Even when it comes to a house party or a frat party the decorations that you use adds a lot of detail that you might not have even thought of. So here are a few things you need to know to decorate right and host the part of the year!

A theme

Randomly throwing together things that you think are considered as party decorations might not always work especially if you are hosting a proper event. Balloons and streamers may have worked when you were five years old, but no they have advanced. The streamers come in cooler forms and so do the balloons. That is why now you find professional party hire experts working their magic for thumping costs. So don’t take it light and throw together whatever that catches your eye. Instead give it some thought, select a theme and find decorations that go with it. This would add a whole new and interesting touch to even the simplest of events!

The colours

Having colours that go hand in hand with the theme for the day has also always managed to create an extra touch that enhances the effect of the overall theme. For an example black and orange are a huge part of the Halloween theme. They create that effect that you are looking for while also communicating the theme clearly to just about any person. So you can’t really host a Halloween party without these two shades. Therefore, colours used in a party has become a big deal even amongst wedding stylist Sunshine Coast.So when you are hosting a party or any event for that matter, focus on the colours that you are going to incorporate as a party of the theme!

The cost

As much as you would want to use some the trendiest and interesting décor for your party, a factor that you cannot ignore no matter what is cost. Therefore even when it comes to determining the decorations you are going to use as a part of your event, consider how much you are able to afford on it. If the budget is too tight to do all that you want, simply DIY. There are so many interesting DIY ideas out there that could be done even in a couple minutes. So research and look for these crafts. This way you can save on your cost as well!There is much importance in decorating an event. So choose the right kinds that match!

A Simple Guide For Fete Planning

School fetes are fun, exciting and great source for fund raising. Organizing such an event can be both amusing and overwhelming. Such festivals require commitment, dedication, time, planning and hard work. If you have a team of energetic, active and upright members then all you need is a few tips, ideas and a proper guidance. As luck would have it, we are here to help you out a bit. Here are some great pointers for a successful fete.


Selecting a random date isn’t the way to go if you want your fete to be successful. You need to select a proper date and time. When doing so take into consideration the time you have for planning and the probable holidays, exams and so. You want to make it a convenient time for everybody. So, make sure your date doesn’t clash with any other school occasions or so.


Now, you might think of your school ground as the venue for the event. However, keep in mind that it is not the only option available. If you are planning to have some exciting items like amusement games hire Melbourne you might need a bigger space. When selecting the venue the space isn’t the only thing you have to take into consideration. Make sure you check out the security system, the regulations, available times and so.


Your budget is a crucial element that needs adequate consideration, discussion and planning. Making sure you have a well-balanced plan can save a lot. Also, include every single expense in your budget. This will help you estimate the financial plan properly and will keep you away from probably losses.


A fete is never successful without proper planning and organizing. In order to do this properly you need some great, unique and exciting school fete ideas. Discuss with your group, research and seek the guidance of professionals or those with experience. You might come across a great deal of ideas but you need to remember that putting all these together won’t help you out. Make sure you select only the profitable, exciting and fun ones.


There are so many ways through which you can promote your fete. However, don’t stick to the good old posters, paper articles and so. Expand the boundaries and use social media and other forms of advertising to promote your school fete.